As you may have already gathered, both Isabelle and I spent many years trying to get pregnant, undergoing a variety of fertility procedures and treatments, from IUI, IVF, ICSI, to name but a few – some back to back and usually with negative results. (You can read more about our personal stories here) We know that trying to have a baby can be very very stressful.

Even if you do not (read: are lucky enough not to) need fertility treatment, and have simply made the decision to start a family, then suddenly life changes. You are no longer simply having sex for fun but for a purpose, and if it doesn’t work in the first few months then sex can become seriously unromantic. Life becomes a timetable of taking your temperature, scheduling intercourse and then instead of being able to cuddle each other afterwards you find yourself sticking your legs in the air and propping up your bum with pillows… not sexy!

If you do find yourself on the ‘treatment’ path then stress becomes an every day part of life. I can’t count the number of times someone said to me “just relax, it’ll happen”, or “as soon as you stop trying…” I wanted to KILL them – how could I stop wanting something that was so intrinsically important to me? I don’t think I would have survived without the forums and other like-minded women who understood the pressure and stress involved. And the worse bit is that in some ways that was true – the more stressed we are the less likely we are to conceive, whether naturally or with help…

So, although we can’t actually ‘make’ you get pregnant – we can help to give you the best possible chance and more than that, we can try and eliminate just some of that stress. We all know that diet and nutrition are important, and for all the reasons described in my other blog post “the paradox of choice” having a convenient package arrive through your letterbox every week, with clear instructions on what to take and when to take it, you will know that you are truly nurturing yourself and giving yourself and your eggs/embryos/foetus/child(ren) the best chance of success.

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