Nutrition Consultant, Isabelle Obert

Isabelle Obert,
Nutrition Consultant

At NurtureMe we want to help as many people as possible. Our general nutritional care packages have been designed to offer comprehensive nutritional care for a multitude of ages, but are essentially safe for anyone in those brackets. For a more bespoke package or for anyone with more specific requirements we do recommend arranging a consultation with Isabelle.

Our fertility nutritional care packages offer a comprehensive multivitamin and fish oil which can safely be taken by anyone who is trying to conceive, is pregnant or breastfeeding, with some packages also containing powerful antioxidants to help with egg and sperm quality. However, we are all different, and sadly for some, conception is not as easy as first hoped and anyone who has been trying for more than a few months may benefit from speaking directly with a Nutrition Consultant.

Isabelle Obert is a qualified nutrition consultant with 10 years experience working with one of the country’s leading integrated fertility clinics and has offered advice and support to thousands of couples.

Our consultations take place either on-line or over the telephone. We favour Skype or Facetime because Isabelle believes it is more beneficial for both her clients and for her to be able to have face to face interaction, but if you prefer we can call you on a landline.

We offer 3 types of consultation:

General Nutrition Consultations

30 minute consultation for anyone who would like to discuss in more detail or would like a bespoke version of any of our health and wellness packages:

  • General Health
  • Over 50’s
  • Winter Wellness
  • Kids Health (including babies and teenagers)
  • Kids Winter Wellness

(Please note this is not to discuss Fertility)

Arrange a Personalised General Nutrition Consultation


Fertility Nutrition Consultations

  • for anyone who considering or already undergoing fertility treatment or assisted reproduction,
  • those who have an underlying medical condition (such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis or even conditions seemingly unrelated to their fertility),
  • anyone who would like personal recommendations tailored to their exact needs,
  • Available in 30, 60 and 90 min sessions,
  • Available to couples (90 minutes only)

Isabelle can discuss your diet and lifestyle can then make recommendations for a more bespoke package which we will then create for you and send to you in regular shipments. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Arrange a Personalised Fertility Nutrition Consultation


15 Minute Supplement Consultation

  • For those who are on any medication
  • already taking supplements
  • want to know if they can be safely taken together
Arrange a Supplement Consultation


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