NurtureHer Pregnancy Care Packages

All of these options contain a comprehensive multivitamin and fish oil, that are suitable for all ages and stages of conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are very similar to NurtureHer Care Packages however we have substituted the Omega 3 for a high strength pharmaceutical grade DHA formula. During pregnancy DHA requirements are increased and it is thought that taking Omega 3 may help with the baby’s brain development.  The human brain consists of 60% fat of which 20% is DHA.

With all tiers, the multivitamin is suitable for vegan/vegetarians however obviously fish oils are not and as such we offer a vegetarian/vegan source of Omega3 as an alternative.

If you are already taking supplements and wish to continue taking them then we would strongly advise you have a 15 minute consultation with Isabelle to rule out any potential contra-indications.

For more info see Care packages explained. 



NurtureHer Pregnancy
  • Comprehensive multivitamin and mineral
  • higher level nutrients than most typical high street products
  • includes an omega 3 capsule
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NurtureHer Pregnancy
  • comprehensive 2 per day multivitamin and mineral
  • optimised absorption for use before and during pregnancy
  • pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 capsule
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NurtureHer Pregnancy
  • Premium multivitamin and mineral
  • for use before, during and after pregnancy
  • higher levels of nutrients to support mother and baby
  • pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 capsule
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