fertility+treatmentFirst, we would like to wish you our heart-felt best wishes for your treatment, having been though it many times ourselves as we know how tough it can be, both physically and emotionally.

We strongly recommend that anyone considering or already undergoing fertility treatment has a consultation with Isabelle so that we can tailor your package in conjunction with your treatment.  If you would prefer not to then please be assured that our NurtureHer care packages are still completely safe and relevant for you to take and are definitely better than taking no supplements at all. If you suffer from low AMH, our NurtureHer+ care packages have been designed to improve egg quality.

Sadly infertility is on the increase – and with it the many various treatments available, offering solutions to a everything from low sperm count, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis, PCOS as well as ‘unexplained infertility’. Studies now say that 1 in 6 couples experience infertility with unofficial figures estimating the industry is worth £600+ million per year. But, what many of the clinics may not tell you is how much stress these treatments place on your body. You can help minimise this by taking care of yourself – and nutrition can play an important part in helping not only care for your body during this process but may actually improve your chances of success – optimising diet and taking the right supplements can greatly improve egg quality, endometrial lining and of course sperm health. Because of this we recommend you start a nutritional programme a good 3 months prior to treatment but it is never too late to make improvements, which can potentially have a hugely beneficial impact on treatment outcome.

So, whilst all of our care packages offer you nutritional support to aid your fertility, we really recommend a consultation with Isabelle preferably face to face via Skype or alternatively over the phone so that she can recommend a more tailored package for you that will change as your treatment progresses.

If you have already started your fertility treatment then it is still worth speaking to Isabelle as she can still make suggestions and offer some help and advice.

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