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We are born with a set number of eggs that we begin to lose from the word go …. So the older we get, the fewer eggs we have, until there comes a time when there just aren’t any left …. The menopause ….

As we get older and as our ovarian reserve dwindles, our eggs become poorer quality.  Various factors can influence this, including oxidative stress from free radical damage (both endogenous – by-products of normal/essential metabolic processes – and exogenous factors such as environmental pollutants, radiation, cigarette smoke, excess alcohol, bacterial, fungal and viral infections).  Thyroid imbalances, poor blood sugar control, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can all affect egg quality.

However, we can take steps to combat many of these factors – in fact research shows that some damage can even be reversed ….

If we optimise the environment in which the follicles mature by improving blood flow, increasing nutrient density and nutrient flow and reducing inflammation and toxic exposure, the resulting eggs will be of better quality.

So we need to be proactive in making dietary changes, but there are also several supplements that have been studied alongside ovarian ageing with very interesting, positive effects.


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